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My last post about my relationship with my dog Annie touched so many of you and I received so many wonderful comments, feedback and stories about your own personal relationships, so thank you  to everyone who shared those with me.

Nigel Lowe who is the founder of SONGS OF LIFE wrote this wonderful poem about things from Annie’s point of view after reading my last post and I wanted to share it all with you, so please enjoy Nigel’s words below.

Love ‘n’ Light


Annie and Nikki

Annie’s Story by Nigel Lowe.

My story starts a while ago,infact quite a way back,

You see I was a race dog,you know, on a greyhound track.

It seems so many years ago, another time, another place,

That all I did was be prepared for my next competing race.

Until one day I stumbled, I hurt my leg, it got real sore,

My racing days were over, no chance of winning anymore.

I was now worried I could not run, I could no longer earn my keep,

I feared what happened to injured dogs, was it for me the big scrap heap?

I started to get angry, for my racing days were bust,

They said that I was being sent, to the retired greyhound trust.

But I thought they cannot do that to me, its a place that I will not stand,

I thought I know, when they come to get me, I will bite their hand.

They put me in the kennels, and back into a cage,

I became so scared and angry, I was always in a rage.

They sent me to different people, I knew they would not cope,

I was now feeling oh so nervous, I was losing all my hope.

Was this now my life, I felt so scared, so nervous and in pain,

I just wanted someone to rescue me, and let me run again.

Then one day as I was laying there, feeling sad and in despair,

There came the sweetest lady, with such a nice smile and lovely hair.

They took me out to see her, I looked poorly and needed rest,

But I saw a twinkle in her eye,which told me this lady was the best.

I don’t know what she thought of me, I was shaking and very rough,

With recent events, I felt so weak, I had really had enough.

I heard them call her Nikki, the day she came for me,

I had been through this before though and thought, oh well, we’ll see.

Nikki took me in her car and for a walk we’d go,

I was not too impressed that day, coz the ground was deep with snow.

Soon though Nikki realised that this was not so neat,

So we got back in her car and up she turned up the heat.

Then this lady took my muzzle off, at which I thought was pretty cool,

I tried to thank Nikki with in my doggie talk and I thought, wow she’s no fool.

The months went on, she changed my diet and everyday we would train,

I was so glad to be with Nikki, even walking in the pouring rain.

We learned so much from each other, she would whisper in my ear,

“Let go of the past dear Annie, your with me now, have no fear”.

Then one day it was decision time, would Nikki send me back,

The thoughts flooded through my head about the days at the greyhound track.

I stared Nikki in the face and thought look into your heart,

We have been through so much together, we both need a brand new start.

It was that day that Nikki became my owner forever,

As we rode off in her car, I am sure I heard her singing,

“I love you just the way you are”.

Now we spend our days together and go long walks in the countryside,

I hold my head up high now, for with Nikki I have so much pride.

She’s known as “Canine Angel” and helps other dogs like me,

So all you owners out there, call Nikki, then you’ll see.

That we as dogs have problems, we want to be part of a pack,

It’s in our genes please understand, that our ways are from way back.

So Nikki I must thank you, its like you were sent from above,

You are “The Canine Angel” and for all dogs you give your love.

Cheers Mom ;0) x

Written by Nigel Lowe – Songs Of Life

Visit Nigel’s Facebook page by CLICKING HERE

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Comments on: "A dog’s point of view, Annie’s Poem by Nigel Lowe" (2)

  1. Hi Nikki…A very dedicated poem from Nigel…

    Summed things up pretty well…

    Best Regards David x

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